New in this release

  • Added the Handy Social Button macro. This macro allows you to quickly share the link via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Added the Handy Heading feature. It allows you to copy a link to any heading on the page into clipboard in one click.

  • Added a capability to map the Handy Status macro to page labels.
  • Added the automatic resizing of image carousels or galleries upon changing the browser size or collapsing/expanding the navigational sidebar.
  • The corresponding reminder is now highlighted after clicking its link from email.

Fixed in this release

  • Minor issues with Talk add-on.
  • The Handy Date feature doesn't work within comments.
  • Handy Page Diff shows "-1" after deleting one of historical revisions of the page.
  • The Handy Status macros may be switched together after copying in some cases.
  • The Handy Status macro didn't show history if the macro is placed into the table header.
  • The status selection form remains open after selecting a new status if the macro is placed into the table header.
  • Improved performance for pages containing a large number of Handy Status macros.