Macro Overview

Refer to this section if you need more information about the Handy Macros functionality available on Server/Data Center only.

Handy Cards

Handy Cards allows you to create cards as page previews using default or custom content. You can create cards from child pages, from pages by labels, and from any pages, including external pages, using the Handy Cards Content macro.

Handy Reminder

Handy Reminder allows you to set one-time or regular reminders for you or for your teammates on Confluence pages. You'll no longer miss an important event or task!

Handy Tip

Handy Tip allows you to add pop-up tooltips to text, images or emoticons. The macro helps to shorten the length of texts and at the same time makes additional information noticeable.

Handy Carousel

Handy Carousel allows you to add interactive galleries or carousels dynamically rotating images or YouTube videos on your Confluence pages. Add more attractiveness and increase the click rate of media content!

Handy Timestamp

Handy Timestamp allows you to track the date and time (current, or the page published, or the page last updated date and time) on Confluence pages when you perform maintenance or update tasks. Indicate the time of their completion in a blink of an eye!

Handy Tasks

Handy Tasks are Confluence augmentation that allows you to view the progress on tasks and to quickly add new tasks to the list without opening the editor.

Handy Page Diff

Handy Page Diff is a convenient mechanism that highlights all the page differences made to the page since your last visit. Forget about Confluence page revisions with their fragmented page changes spread across multiple revisions. See the whole picture of updates and corrections at once!