The Course Results Report macro produces a detailed results report for all selected courses and people who were enrolled to them. 

Use cases

  • Store reports about all courses in one place
  • Generate a report showing all courses of one specific participant
  • Share a course report with your colleagues

How to create a course results report

  1. Create a page or open an existing one where you want to add your report.
  2. Insert a Course Results Report macro. 

  3. Select Courses and Participants you want to include into your report. Apart from including individual users, you may select a whole User Group.

  4. Click Save button.  
  5. Update or Publish your page.

By default, the macro shows a report of all courses and their participants from all spaces. If data exceeds the limit of 1000 records, the report will be incompleteTell us if you need to increase the limit or use a workaround.

Finally, you will see a table with all courses and participants you have chosen for the report.

If you want to share a report with your colleagues, click on the Share button. 

Examples of how reports may help you

Report typeExample (when you may need it)How to configure
Report with all courses of one particular personYou're an HR manager and a team leader/supervisor of Java developers asked you to share a report about all courses passed by his teammate.

Leave the Courses field empty, add a person you need in the Participants field.

Global report with all courses and all participants

Your Learn&Development team wants to create a report about all courses and its participants to track their progress in one place.

Leave both the Courses and Participants fields empty. 

Report with courses for a user groupYou were asked to make a report about all courses taken by the Marketing team (group).

Leave the Courses field empty, add a user group you need in the Participants field.

Report about a particular courseYou need to share a course report with a manager who has no access to a course administration page.Leave the Participants field empty, add a course you need in the Courses field.

A generated report is compatible with our other Confluence app - Table Filter and Charts. It can help you to filter course report table, aggregate data in pivot tables, transform them and build dynamic charts for a better report analysis.

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