Quiz administrators can organize questions into sections to have a better structure of a quiz and group questions as needed. Sections are seen only on a quiz administration page. Participants don't see them.

Use Cases

  • Divide questions into groups based on difficulty, topic, area of knowledge, etc.
  • Make it easier to manage a large quiz with dozens of questions.

Working with Sections

By default, there are no sections in a quiz. It is optional to add them. If you don't need sections, you can simply have questions as one list.

Add the first section

Type the name of the first section in the input above the list of questions.

Add more sections

To add a new section, click .

Move questions between sections

To rearrange questions (move them within the same section or move a question to another section), hover over and drag&drop a question to a new location.

Move section

To move a section, hover over and drag&drop it to a new location.

Remove section

To remove a section, hover over its name, click, and select Remove.


A section will be removed together with its questions. Question pages will not be deleted. They will remain available in Confluence for other quizzes.