Refer to Anonymous Participants if you want to create a page for self-enrollment for people who are not Confluence users.

'Take quiz' button

As an alternative to enrolling to a quiz, you can let participants self-enroll by adding a Take quiz button on a page.

Use it when:

  • you want to create a page with your custom quiz description and a button for self-enrollment
  • your quiz is a part of a studying process and is used to check how well participants understood the material they have studied. In this case you may want to create a Confluence page with the material a participant needs to read and study, and add the ‘Take quiz’ button on the very bottom of this page so that a person can proceed to a quiz when done studying the content of the page.

You can have this button anywhere on a Confluence page. Use page layouts, columns and sections to structure your page.

Below is an example of the page for self-enrollment with 3 quizzes.

To add the 'Take quiz' button on a Confluence page:

  1. Insert the Take Quiz Button macro where you want to have it on the page
  2. Select a quiz for self-enrollment in the macro browser and save

Then you can share this page with participants or let people discover it themselves. Anyone who can view the page will be able to click the ‘Take quiz’ button to self-enroll to a quiz. 

Quiz details + 'Take quiz' button

Another option is using the Quizzes macro. It displays quiz settings and the 'Take quiz' button as shown below.

To use this option:

  1. Insert the Quizzes macro on a page that participants will visit to self-enroll to a quiz
  2. In macro browser select a quiz or several quizzes for self enrollment and save