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  1. Locate the Add Forum button and click it.
  2. In the Create Forum form, specify the following information:
    • JIRA Project - select the appropriate JIRA project, which will be used for storing customers' ideas or issue reports.
    • Name - name of the forum.
    • Description - description of the forum.
    • Forum type - type of the forum (Feedback or Support).
    • Default issue type - select the default issue type in JIRA which requests submitted in Customer Case are converted to.
    • Custom JQL query - enter the JQL query that will show only requests that match specific criteria on the forum.
  3.  Click Save.

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Note that JIRA projects containing some tasks will be exposed if you create a feedback forum. No tasks will be exposed if you create a support forum.

You can apply the custom JQL query to filter issues in the JIRA project that will be exposed on the forum.

By default, Customer Case pulls all issues from the selected JIRA project by using the JQL query (project = [projectId] AND). You can further append additional criteria to this query according to your needs. The specified JQL query is validated in the real time, so if the query is not valid you will see a corresponding warning.