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How do I install this add-on?

You can install it with the help of Universal Plugin Manager or manually.

What versions of Atlassian Confluence are supported?

Table Filter supports Confluence 4.1.7 and higher. Confluence versions 4.0 - 4.1.6 are supported only if UPM 2+ is installed.

How does the plugin filter the data in tables?

When table cells are compared, all leading/trailing spaces are not taken into consideration, multiple spaces are handled as one space, images and fonts are also ignored.

Can I use the plugin for a table with merged cells?


Can I filter an already existing table?

Yes. Paste it inside the Table Filter macro in the Edit mode.

Can I use the filter for a table generated by another macro?

Yes. If you experience any problems with that, let us know.

I filtered a table and exported it to PDF/Word. Why it is not sorted in the output?

Tables are filtered locally in your browser. When you export a Confluence page to PDF or Word, it's done on the Confluence server, the sever is unaware of the filtering in your browser. Unfortunately, there's no way to fix this.

How can I specify a default value for 2nd, 3rd, etc. column?

For example, to specify a default value for the 3rd column, put this in the Default Values field:

Code Block

How can I specify multiple default values for drop-down filters?

Connect multiple default values with &&. For example, if you want to have Tokyo, London and Berlin as default values for the filter, put this in Default Values:

Code Block

How are values sorted in drop-down lists?

In ascending order (A-Z then 0-9).

Is it possible to change the sorting order in drop-down lists?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I specify several values for one drop-down filter?


Can I use regular expressions in the user filter?

Yes, you can use JavaScript syntax for regular expressions.

How can I get help?

Please send us your Confluence, plugin and browser versions, the HTML code of the page (in Internet Explorer -  File -> Save as...-> Webpage, complete ) and its storage format (login as Administrator and go to  Tools - View Storage Format ). Screen shots also would help to understand the problem.