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  • Status - ideas or tickets are filtered by the current status. You can filter only requests by one statusor by multiple statuses at once.
  • Category - ideas or tickets are filtered by the category. Any idea may be You can filter requests by one or by multiple categories at once. If a request is associated with multiple categories, but filtration is performed by one category. Ideas with multiple categories will be filtered according to the selected categoryit will appear in the filtration results once you select any of the categories which this request relates to.

Above the list with ideas or tickets, select the criterion to filter itemscriteria for filtration. You can combine the Status and Category filters for more precise results.


  • Statuses of ideas / tickets are determined by JIRA workflow configured for the particular project. For the details, refer to What is Workflow.
  • Categories of ideas / tickets are determined from JIRA components. For the details. refer to Defining a Component.

Working with Ideas and Tickets