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This Privacy Policy is only applied to TeamCity

Our general privacy policy and app-specific privacy policy, which you can find below, apply to TeamCity Integration for JIRA Cloud


app. Please, review both prior to using the app.

General Information

TeamCity Integration for JIRA Cloud uses Google Analytics engine to collect user interactions with the add-on on all JIRA Cloud JIRA Cloud instances. Additional data is not tracked.


We track and collect only events of loading the add-on in the browser frame when generating JIRA pages. This piece of data cannot anyhow affect data or compromise your personal data.

Data Retention Policy

Our data retention policy can be found at

Data Storage

All data about outputs of the add-on on JIRA pages are stored in Google Analytics on their servers. Third parties and services do not have access to the account storing this tracking information. Access to the Google Analytics account is available only to StiltSoft and will not be shared with anyone else.