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New in this release

Improved user navigation when dealing with in the macros, upgraded user interface elements:


  • Improved hints when adding filters and setting filter values in the Table Filter macro. (подсказка как добавить фильтр, всплывающие подсказки)Improved
  • Added the information messages when using combinations with other macros and apps. ( "-" упс поместите таблицу,  "-" pagination)
  • Added Russian localization.
  • Added an ability to set the Total row title in the Table Filter macro.
  • Moved the "Save changes" button from the tools menu to the filtration pane in the Table Filter macro.
  • Added an option to place filters on the filtration pane according to their adding sequence in the Table Filter macro.
  • Added an indicator of unsaved changes. ("-")
  • Changed the button that shows the control panel in the Pivot Table macro. ("-")Changed an order of setting chart parameters in the Chart from Table macro.

Fixed in this release

  • Resolved the issue with broken filters and table scrolling after changes canceling (using Ctrl+z) in the page edit mode.

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