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App Configuration

TeamCity Integration for Jira app allows you to configure parameters of build indexation. You can quickly set the appropriate parameters depending on your connectivity, size of TeamCIty instance and number of builds and configurations.



For app versions older than 2.1.0 the configuration section is available at Jira administration console > apps Apps > TeamCity Configuration.


You can connect JIRА to TeamCity directly by using one of the following parameters:

true / false

If true, the app will try to directly connect to all Teamcity servers without using the proxy server.

If all your TeamCity servers operate within the same network, this parameter will allow Jira to establish direct connection to all TeamCity servers.

host name

If specified, the app will try to directly connect to the specified TeamCity servers, the proxy server will be used for the rest of hosts.

This parameter allows you to indicate which TeamCity servers Jira can establish direct connection to and which instances operate via a proxy server.

For the details on Jira startup options, refer to the How to Configure an Outbound HTTP and HTTPS Proxy for Jira page.