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Data collected




Data hosting-USA East (Nothern Virginia) region (us-east-1)


Google Analytics

Web analytics service

Anonymous information about certain user interactions with the App.

By using Google Analytics we track only information that pertains to the App (such as event of filter management) and certain information related to the size of tables and macros used to generate table data.

For example, we collect the following information:

  • Source of table data and size of tables (content of tables is not tracked)
  • Combinations of macros used for table processing
  • Usage of the macros parameters (for example, date format, cell value delimiter, aggregation by date, interpolation type, transposing tables, excerpt source, etc.)
  • Activation or deactivation of the macros options
  • Instances of exporting table data to CSV, PDF, or Word.

 Learn more about how the data is collected and processed by Google.


All (Cloud, Server, and Data Center)


An error monitoring tool collects and stores the following data to help us discover, triage, and prioritize App errors in real-time:

  • Information about the page on which the error occurred (the page URL (including query parameters, description of the user’s actions on the page that preceded the error (places the user clicked, URLs of requests initiated from the page), and stack trace)
  • Information about the user’s environment (IP address, browser type and version, and operating system type and version).



MailchimpTransactional and broadcast emails

Business contact information (billing and technical contacts) from the Marketplace account.

Learn more about the Mailchimp Security and Privacy Policy.

USAAll (Cloud, Server, and Data Center)