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The Spreadsheet Issue Worksheet Editor app is a solution that allows you to quickly update issues during planning, backlog grooming, or prioritization session. It provides you with the following capabilities:

With Spreadsheet Issue Worksheet Editor for Jira Cloud you can update the list of Jira issues without opening each task one by one. Add updates and change values of fields inline and on the fly.


The app supports the editing of the following field types:

  • text fields
  • multi-line text fields
  • user single pickers
  • date pickers
  • single and multiple select fields
  • labels
  • components
  • sprint
  • fix version
  • linked issues

Viewing the list of issues

  1. Open your Jira Cloud.
  2. On the navigational sidebar, select Spreadsheet Issue WorksheetEditor.
  3. The app loads the list of all issues stored in your Jira Cloud.


Searching for specific issues with JQL

  1. Open Spreadsheet Issue WorksheetEditor.
  2. In the JQL query box, enter the JQL query.
  3. Press Enter or click Search.