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Some improvements in searching commits for User Contributions graph.

New in this release


Merging several e-mails for one committer

It happens sometimes that people use different emails when committing to repositories.For example, one person could commit to using three different emails in different periods of time. Previously, this would result in showing three incarnations of this person on the Contributors tab. Evidently, in the Contributions graph, the statistics shown by Awesome Graphs were incomplete for each of these incarnations.

Awesome Graphs allowed to unite several emails for one user in the .mailmap file in the repository. However, the problem was that only commits made after .mailmap was changed (or created) would be affected.

Now, you can specify all emails the committer used in their profile settings. This aggregates all commits made with this emails and provides you with the complete statistics for the committer. This feature is available only in the paid version of the add-on.

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Stash Data Center support

Atlassian recently introduced a beta version of Stash Data Center - the cluster environment that increases the security and performance of your Git repositories.

Although the release of Stash Data Center is expected by the end of this year, we already added support for it in the paid version of Awesome Graphs. So you can rest assured that the add-on is cluster-safe and works flawlessly if you host your repositories in the Data Center. 

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  • The hint with contributors' email are shown on contributors' name in Contributors graph.
  • The commits for Contributions graph are selected regardless of using of uppercase and lowercase letters in email address of user at Stash profile and git profile.