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The Table Spreadsheet macro is available for Confluence Cloud only. 

Soon available for Server and Data Center.

The Table Spreadsheet macro allows you to add an Excel-like spreadsheet. You can work with it both in the page view and page edit mode.

Adding the Table Spreadsheet macro

1. Insert the macro on a page:

  • Start entering /Table Spreadsheet and select the macro

  • On the editor pane, click Insert -> View more, find the macro and insert it on the page

The page stores your spreadsheet as an attachment. You can find more information about the attachment or download the file in the page settings.

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Main functions of the Table Spreadsheet macro

  • Cell format
  • Text settings (font, size, type, color)
  • Cell color
  • Border style and color
  • Alignment and text placement
  • Merging cells
  • Freezing rows
  • Automatic functions
  • Multiple sheets

Filtering the spreadsheet

  1. Click the funnel icon on the editor pane
  2. To sort the spreadsheet, choose the sorting type
  3. To filter the spreadsheet, select a column and click Create filter
  4. Choose a condition to filter the column by
  5. Confirm the settings or clear the filter, if no longer needed

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Adding a pivot table

  1. Select the pivot table macro on the editor pane
  2. On a new sheet, choose the settings

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Adding a chart

  1. Select the chart macro on the editor pane
  2. Choose chart settings

The following chart types are available:

  • Line chart
  • Area chart
  • Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart

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Conditional formatting

  1. Select a table
  2. Choose Conditional formatting on the editor pane
  3. Select a suitable formatting preset or set your own rule