Table Filter and Charts for Confluence is an app for running business analysis in Confluence, filtering any kind of data, summarizing it and visualizing with dynamically updated charts. The solution includes four macros for data processing, as follows:

  • Table Filter - provides different types of filters for filtering text values, numbers, dates, icons, and states of checkboxes.
  • Pivot Table - supplies you with tools to aggregate and summarize table data in pivot tables.
  • Chart from Table - gives you freedom in visualizing your table values with dynamic charts.
  • Table Transformer - allows you to merge and transform all kinds of tables using both automatic presets and advanced SQL queries.
  • Table Toolbox - allows you to combine multiple macros in the new Confluence Cloud editor.
  • Table from CSV - outputs a table from CSV or TSV data source.
  • Table Spreadsheet - allows you to add an Excel-like spreadsheet.

The app also includes two macros for multi-excerpt from any source:

  • Table Excerpt - creates an excerption of a source table.
  • Table Excerpt Include - includes excerpted tables from the current page, specific pages, child pages, pages by labels, and more.