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Customer Case provides forums of different types for collecting feedback or for handling support requests from your customers. For the details on forum types and their management, please refer to Managing Forums.

Opening the List of Forums

To view the list of registered forums:

  1. On the JIRA menu, select Forums.
  2. Then select View all forums.

If you want to view only the forums of a specific type, select the corresponding type on the menu.

Viewing Information about Forums

The Forums menu section is also visible to anonymous users who can view only the public forums.

Once you have opened forums, you will see the list of them, as follows:

For each forum, the following information is available:

  • Forum - name of the forum registered in Customer Case.
  • JIRA Project - name of the JIRA project which requests are submitted to.
  • Forum Type - type of the forum. For the details on forum types, please refer to Managing Forums.
  • Actions - links that allow you to perform specific actions on forums.

The action icons may not be available for specific forums if you do not have the Project Administrator permissions for these forums.

Managing Forums

To create a new forum:

  1. In the top right part of the screen, click Create new forum.
  2. Specify the information required for forum creation.

For the details on how to create a new forum, please refer to the Adding New Forums section.

To edit the forum:

  1. Locate the forum you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Update the forum configuration.

To delete the forum:

  1. Locate the forum you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Confirm the removal of the forum.

Consider that all the submitted ideas and tickets will be preserved in your JIRA in the selected project, but the forum will not be available to your customers after removal.

To set restrictions:

  1. Locate the forum which you want to restrict access for.
  2. Click Restrictions.
  3. Configure the access restrictions for the forum.

For the details on how to configure access restrictions, see the Setting Access Restrictions page.

Switching Between Different Forum Types

Customer Case regulates visibility of specific forums to each user depending on the following:

  • login status
  • access restrictions defined for forums

The sidebar listing forum types allows you to quickly view the list of forum types you are interested in.

You can select the following forum types:

  • Support
  • Private (Feeback)
  • Public (Feedback)

To see whole list of forums, click All forum types.

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