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Agent is an employee who manages ideas, replies to customers and updates status of the requested ideas and feature requests. Idea is a feature request or a piece of feedback from users and customers of your products. Idea contains description of an option or a feature, which is not available in your current product or system at the moment and which the user wants to have in future.

See the next sections for information on how to work with Customer Case:

Managing Customers' Ideas

Agents deal with issues while working in JIRA. Customer Case add-on for JIRA adds the dedicated tab for viewing all the added ideas and feature requests into the project overview section.

The Customers' Ideas tab is shown only for the projects that are being used as feedback forums. For the details on how to create feedback forums, refer to the Adding New Forums section.

Here you can view the list of ideas with the number of votes and comments, and also see the customer and date when the idea was added. You can reload the page with ideas by clicking the Reload  icon. All the ideas, which were added by customers, are automatically converted into JIRA issues.

Sorting and Filtering Ideas

You can sort ideas in the following way:

  • Hot Ideas - ideas are sorted by the recent updates (newly created ideas, status change, new comments).
  • Top - ideas are sorted by the number of votes.
  • New - ideas are sorted by the creation date.

Select the appropriate parameter to sort out the list of ideas.

You can filter ideas by the following criteria:

  • Status - ideas are filtered by the current status. You can filter only by one status.
  • Category - ideas are filtered by the category. The idea may have multiple category. You can filter only by one category. Ideas with multiple categories will be filtered according to the selected category.

Select the criterion to filter the list of ideas. You can combine the Status and Category filters for more precise results.

Statuses of ideas are determined by JIRA workflow configured for the particular project. For the details, refer to What is Workflow.

Categories of ideas are determined from JIRA components. For the details. refer to Defining a Component.

Managing Ideas

By clicking the idea title, you will be redirected to the standard page for viewing issue details.

The add-on adds a separate section Ideas' Comments for viewing customers' comments for particular ideas and replying to them from JIRA.

The agent can post or edit comments (both own and users'). All the comments posted through the Ideas' Comments tab will be shown to customers when they open the corresponding idea. When the agent starts progress on the issue or resolves it, the corresponding status is shown to customers.

The Customer's Idea block shows the author of idea, the number of votes and the public URL, which the current idea is available at. The agent can immediately proceed to the customer's area of Customer Case portal for viewing idea details by clicking the Public URL link.

Searching for Ideas using JQL

The add-on has a special JQL query for searching for ideas with votes.

# For example,[].total > 2 - searches for all issues having more than 2 votes.[].total + operator + number

More examples:

# Filters ideas by number of votes in the ascending (or descending order).
ORDER BY[].total ASC (or DESC)

# Filters ideas  from the specified project in the ascending (or descending order).
project="PROJECT_NAME" ORDER BY[].total ASC (or DESC)

# Searches in the specified project for ideas with the number of votes more than 2 and shows them in the ascending order.
project="PROJECT_NAME" AND[].total > 2 ORDER BY[].total ASC

Once you have created the JQL query, you can save it as a filter

Adding Output of the Dashboard

  1. Add a gadget to your dashboard.
  2. Select the filter containing the JQL query.
  3. Select the period for showing the chart.
  4. Define the refresh interval for the gadget.
  5. Click Save.

Logging in to Forums

JIRA agents can log in to feedback forums with their JIRA account.

  1. Click Sign in with JIRA.
  2. In the opened form, enter your username and password in JIRA.
  3. Click Sign in.

Viewing Ideas in JIRA

JIRA agents can instantly proceed to JIRA when viewing a particular idea on the forum.

  1. Open the appropriate idea.
  2. Locate and click the View in JIRA button.
  3. You will be redirected to JIRA.

Editing Ideas and Comments

Agents with JIRA accounts can edit description of all posted ideas and comments.

  1. Open the appropriate idea or locate the appropriate comment.
  2. Click the Edit link.
  3. Update the idea description or comment.
  4. Click Save.

Agents can also edit comments and description of ideas while viewing ideas in JIRA Cloud.

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