Handy Page Diff is a Confluence augmentation that allows you to quickly see what changes were made on the page.

This feature is available starting from Handy Macros 1.3.0.

About the feature

When you need to review a frequently edited page you cannot quickly see how many people have edited your page and how many times they did this. You need to see the page history between the time you last visited this page and the current time. This is quite annoying. With the Handy Page Diff you can quickly review the page since your last visit. This is an augmentation for Confluence (you don't need to add any macros to use it).

Viewing the changes summary

Once Handy Macros for Confluence is installed by your Confluence administrator it starts to track your page visits. When you visit any page more than one time, you will see the summary of all changes made to this page between your visits.

The icon indicates the count of changes (page edits) on the page since your last visit. To see information about the people that made these changes, hover over the icon.

Viewing the page diff since last visit

Just click the icon with the number of changes made to open the default Confluence page diff showing differences between the current page revision and the revision you saw last time.

Approving the changes

To acknowledge the made changes, click the tick icon.

The tick icon ("Acknowledge" button since Handy Macros 1.7.0) is also available directly on the page diff that you open by clicking the button with count of changes.

Next time when you visit this page you will see only the changes made after your last acknowledgement.

Disabling the Handy Page Diff feature for the user

You can disable the Handy Page Diff feature if you do not need it:

  1. Navigate to User Profile > Settings > Handy Macros Settings > Handy Page Diff.
  2. Clear the Enable Handy Page Diff box.

The macro can be enabled or disabled on the instance level in the Confluence Administrator console.