This version of the app's documentation is outdated. Please find the information you're looking for here:

To configure parameters of Table Filter and Charts app:

  1. Navigate to Confluence administration console.
  2. On the sidebar, locate the Table Filter and Charts menu group.
  3. Select Configuration.

Configuring inline macro insertion

Starting from Table Filter and Charts 4.0.0, the app supports inline macro insertion in the page view mode. If you do not need this feature, you can disable it globally or for specific users or groups.

  1. Open the configuration section of the app.
  2. To enable inline macro insertion globally, check the corresponding box.
  3. Define additional parameters, as follows:
    • Groups - enter names of user groups who can use the inline macro insertion.
    • Individual users - enter names of individual users who can use the inline macro insertion.
    • Anonymous - check the box to allow anonymous users to use the inline macro insertion.

To disable inline macro insertion:

  1. Clear the Inline macro insertion box.

To disable inline macro insertion for the group/user:

  1. Click the  icon for a specific user or groupю

Removing all macros from pages

Table Filter and Charts allows you to remove all the macros bundled with the add-on, including the following:

  • Table Filter
  • Pivot Table
  • Chart from Table
  • Table Excerpt
  • Table Excerpt Include

The source data tables and macros outputting table data will not be affected anyhow and will be preserved in your Confluence after completion of the procedure.

To remove all add-on macros from Confluence pages:

Please perform the full Confluence backup prior to running this procedure. This operation may require some time depending on the size of your Confluence and number of add-on's macros on your Confluence pages.

  1. Switch to the Add-on Macro Cleanup tab.
  2. Click Clean up.
  3. Confirm the operation.