So far, our Talk app is only available for Server and DC deployments. We seek to meet your needs in Cloud as well. To do that, we need to know a must-have fucntionality for you in Cloud in terms of communication. Help us speed up the shift to Cloud. Book a meeting with our Product Analyst to talk about your needs. We promise to make up for your time with a branded gift from Siltsoft🎁.

Talk - Advanced Inline Comments is the Сonfluence app that enables you to insert inline comments and suggestions on Confluence pages.

Suggestions let users propose changes and have page owners decide whether to accept or reject them.

Inline Comments allow to add comments next to the specific lines in the text. It's a more contextual way of interacting on the Confluence pages. You can add Talk inline comments on:

    • Text lines
    • End of text paragraphs
    • Images
    • Headings
    • Tables
    • Items of numbered, bullet and task lists
    • Include Page or Excerpt Include
    • Empty lines

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