Use cases:

Talk Report is handy when you have many discussions and suggestions spread over multiple pages.

Create a report

  1. Open a page where you want to add a report.
  2. Insert the Talk Report macro 
  3. Configure the report 

    Space and Page fields work independently. There is no need to enter a space if you want to create a report for just one page or a subset of pages. 

    Report typeHow to configure
    All talks of the current pageleave the Space and Page fields empty
    All talks of a specific spacetype in a space name in the Space field, leave the Page field empty
    All talks of a specific pageleave the Space field empty, type in a page name in the Page field
    All talks of a page with its child pagesleave the Space field empty, type in a root page name in the Page field and check 'Include child pages'

    In Type, select what you want to include in the report:

    In Resolution, choose what Talk inline comments and suggestions you want to include: 
  4. Save

What can I see in the report?

Resolved talks are stored only starting from the version 3.5.0. The report does not include talks that were resolved prior to updating to v.3.5.0.

Talk Report includes the following information:

The report is compatible with Table Filter and Charts app. You can use it to add filters to your reports, create pivot tables and charts to summarize and visualize the report data.

Contact us if you need assistance with integrating Table Filter and Charts with Talk app.