On this page you will learn how to configure Pie/Donut chart:


Rendered Chart

Parameters in Macro Browser

TypePie / Donut
Labels columnAgent
Values columnTickets per Hour / Calls per hour

Data Table in Macro Placeholder

AgentTickets per HourAverage Time per Ticket (min)Calls per Hour
Remy Deomampo4.65.14.2
Rahul Dickstein4.81.61.3
Radu Donahue6.45.61.5
Preston Doorey4.71.31.6
Phill Doyle2.03.42.7


Settings Tab

Adjustments Tab

Look Tab


  1. Switch the page to the edit mode.
  2. Select the macro and click Edit.
  3. Switch to the Look tab.
  4. Locate the Callouts option and select the appropriate option, as follows:
    • None
    • Label
  5. Save the macro and the page.