This page contains Privacy Policy of Table Filter and Charts for Confluence Cloud. This Privacy Policy does not apply to Table Filter and Charts for Confluence Server and Data Center. Table Filter and Charts for Confluence Server and Data Center is hosted on your systems and does not collect any data.

StiltSoft also has general privacy policy. It also applies to Table Filter and Charts for Confluence Cloud. Please, review both privacy policies prior to using the app.

General Information

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence Cloud uses Google Analytics engine to collect user interactions with the add-on and parameters specific to bundled macros on all Confluence Cloud instances, including some specific filtration parameters viable to understanding of the user experience with the add-on. Other data, such as contents of manually created or automatically generated tables, is not tracked. Tracking is not used on hosted Confluence instances.

Why Do We Need This Data

This data will be used to measure usage of the add-on and load on the server resources when users use the add-on on Confluence pages. This data will be secured from unauthorized access and third parties. Data will be primarily used for optimization procedures and quicker interface response.

What Do We Track

We track only information that pertains to our add-on (such as event of filter management) and some information related to size of your tables and macros used to generate the table data.

Below, you can find the list of key events and information that we track:

We do not track any personal data that may reveal or compromise your identity or results of your work.

Data Storage

All data about outputs of the add-on on Confluence pages are stored in Google Analytics on their servers. Third parties and services do not have access to the account storing the tracking information. Access to the Google Analytics account is available only to StiltSoft and will not be shared with anyone else.


StiltSoft company will not disclose the collected data about add-on outputs/openings under any circumstances.


Any questions about this Privacy Policy should be addressed to