Talk - Inline Comments for Confluence supports insertion of talks while you are viewing Confluence pages. Now you needn't anymore switch the page to the Edit mode and only then add talk where you need. You can add talks to the following page elements:

  • end of text paragraphs
  • images
  • section headings
  • items of numbered, bulleted and task lists
  • empty lines

If you are using the Talk 1.x version, please refer to the Getting Started with Talk 1.x page.

View the next sections for details on how to work with Talk Add-on for Confluence:

1. Point to the appropriate place on your page, until the Talk  icon appears and click it.

2. Enter your comment and click Save.

3. After saving the talk, you will see it to the right side of your page contents.

4. When you want to reply to the talk, select it. The talk is highlighted yellow. Enter your reply into the text field and click Reply to post it. Icon of the talk, which you selected, also becomes highlighted, so you can easily track which element the talk is mapped to.

6. The talk is displayed on the page until the moment you decide to resolve it. In the top right corner of the talk, locate the Resolve button and click it. Confirm your choice. The talk will be no longer displayed on the page.

Toggling Comment Sidebar

Talk - Inline Comments for Confluence 2.0 allows you to collapse or expand the sidebar with added talks. This is convenient when you need to hide all excess elements from the page and view the clean page.

You can collapse or expand the sidebar with talks in three ways:

  1. Click the button ( or ) located to the right side of your talk discussions.
  2. Deselect or select the Show comment sidebar option.
  3. Press the hotkey ] (square bracket).

Additionally, you can click the appropriate talk on the page and the sidebar will automatically expand if it was collapsed.