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Customer Case for Jira Cloud is a useful app that allows you to quickly and easily transform your issue tracking system into the full-fledged feedback and helpdesk platform for aggregating customers' ideas and managing incoming issue reports.

What are the key benefits of Customer Case add-on:

  • no need to create separate Jira accounts for each visitor of the forum
  • set up forums to collect ideas from users
  • see the votes on ideas and prioritize¬†your backlog
  • create public forums with access restrictions¬†
  • create private forums for managing support tickets from customers
  • manage requests right in Jira
  • get notifications about any updates on ideas or tickets

This is the home page for documentation of the Customer Case add-on. Here you can find the following information:

Three easy steps to start:

  1. Start free trial of the Customer Case app
  2. Create the Jira project 
  3. Create a forum for the Jira project

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