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When you use JIRA as a customer processing centre you may find the work with attachments frustrating and very boring. All the time you need to locate the appropriate file on the list with other attachments and download it. It becomes quite irritating when each issue contains dozens of attachments, so you quickly realize what a real nightmare looks like.

Smart Attachments is a JIRA add-on, which allows you to conveniently distribute attachments for each issue among the pre-defined categories. Now you can easily store documents and files in the appropriate category and get quick access to them in a blink of an eye without long browsing the native JIRA's list with attachments.

What are the key benefits of Smart Attachments against standard JIRA functionality:

  • a capability to put attachments to separate categories within the issue
  • a capability to drag and drop attachments between categories
  • a capability to rename attached files
  • a capability to download the archive with attachments of the appropriate category


On this page:


Once you have installed the add-on, you can proceed to configure of the add-on. Navigate to JIRA > Administration > Add-ons > Manage Add-ons -> Customer Case for JIRA Cloud and click the Configure button.

In order to create a new feedback forum click the Add Forum button.

In the Create Forum form specify the following information:

  • JIRA Project - project at JIRA which contains the features for certain forum.
  • Name - forum name that shows on the customer portal.
  • Description - forum description that shows on the customer portal.

Customer Portal

You can find the links to all feedback forums in the column Public URL at the configuration page.

As a customer you can:

  • post a new idea;
  • vote for existing idea;
  • leave the comments to existing ideas.

Each customer may login to feedback forum through Google Plus or Facebook accounts:

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