This data retention policy applies when we act as a data processor on your behalf as a data controller.


Removal of Customer Data in Case of App Uninstallation

Customer Data is automatically removed from the database of the Cloud App according to the following schedule:

It always takes 95 days after you uninstalled the App for Customer Data to be completely removed from our servers. 

Customer Data is not removed from the database instantly to exclude a situation when the App was uninstalled accidentally or by mistake. 

NO notifications about pending removal of Customer Data are sent.

Removal of Customer Data When Subscription Is Active

Please note that active subscription status in the “Manage Subscriptions” section of your Atlassian Product profile does not necessarily mean that the Cloud App is physically installed. There might be a case when you have an active subscription to the App but the App is actually not installed or was uninstalled. In such cases, Customer Data will be removed from the App's database as set out above in “Removal of Customer Data in Case of App Uninstallation” regardless of the subscription status. In such a scenario, even if your subscription is active, Customer Data will be deleted forever following 95 days after the App was uninstalled from the Atlassian Product.

When Customer Data Will Not Be Automatically Removed

Customer Data will not be automatically removed if:

To address your questions regarding uninstallation of our Cloud Apps, please contact our support team.