When you mark Talk inline comments and suggestions as favourites, you can:

It's very convenient in such cases:

Adding to favourites

To add a discussion or suggestion to Favourite Talks, click in its top right corner:

Removing from favourites

The star icon will change to , which means the talk was marked as favourite. You can click the star again to remove the talk from Favourite Talks:

You can add talks to favourites and remove discussions from Favourite Talks by clicking star icons in email notifications.

Viewing and managing all your favourite talks

To view all your favourite talks, click your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen and choose Favourite Talks:

The Favourite Talks page contains all talks that are marked as favourites across all your Confluence spaces:

Clicking Talk icons activates corresponding Talk comments on the sidebar. Alternatively you can scroll all talks and select needed ones.

To view a talk on a Confluence page, click the link next to the Talk icon. Clicking in the list of favourite talks removes them from favourites.

Besides browsing, you can edit, delete, reply to, resolve, archive talks, restore resolved and archived talks, manage viewing permissions right on the Favourite Talks page.

Using the toggle button above the list of favourite talks, you can sort favourite talks by: