Customer Case allows you to search for ideas and tickets on feedback and support forums. This section provides instructions on how to perform correct text queries and find the ideas and tickets you expect to get.

The easiest way is to enter the text query and press Enter. Customer Case will automatically search for ideas or tickets containing the specified text query and show the list of entries.

Besides generic search queries you can run advanced search.

Wildcard Search

While running the wildcard search you can use the wildcard symbols '?' and '*', as follows:

Do not use the wildcard symbols as the beginning of words while performing wildcard search.

Fuzzy Search

While running the fuzzy search you can use the fuzzy symbol '~', as follows:

Proximity Search

While running the proximity search you find ideas and tickets containing words standing at a specific distance from each other.

For example, you want to find tickets or ideas containing 'export ideas', but you want also to include entries similar to 'export list of ideas, 'export the list of ideas' or 'export unique ideas'. In this case you need to enter text ~ '"export ideas"~10' where the number regulates the number of words between the two terms.

Boolean Search

While running the boolean search you can use the boolean operators OR or AND. These operators allows you to search for tickets or ideas containing either both terms at once or one of the terms. Boolean operators should be only ALL CAPS.

When performing the boolean you can use more than two terms.

For the details on all search options, see this page.