The AI Table macro allows you to generate transformed tables, charts and diagrams, text based on its source data as the output by the written custom query with ChatGPT.

Adding the AI Table macro

 Insert the macro on a page from the edit page mode:

  1. Start entering /AI Table and select the macro

  2. Or click (Insert Elements) on the editor pane -> start entering /AI Table and select the macro

Find here how to enable/disable the AI assistant feature.

 Using the AI Table Macro

  1. Place the table or a macro generating a table insert AI Table
  2. Enter your request in the Prompt box
  3. –°hoose the needed Output type
  4. Rick the Hide source option to hide the source data and display only the result generated by AI

  5. Tick the Lock autoupdate option to not restart the prompt if the source table changes

If you choose the Table Quick output, the CSV table is generated, so data displayed as a plain text.

In case of using the Table Detailed output, the HTML table is generated preserving the initial table formatting (e.g., clickable links, bullet/numbered lists, button etc.).

Prompt Examples

  1. Generate your request in a written form on any language
  2. Ask the macro to analyze and modify tables, create charts and diagrams, answer in a text format

Modifying AI Table from the Page View Mode

  1. –°lick on the pop-up Pencil to change the Prompt
  2. Click the Eye to display the source data on the page
  3. Click a Closed Padlock to lock autoupdate (not to restart the prompt if the source table changes)

Share your ideas on how to improve the macro via the Share feedback button from the page view mode.