Chart from Table macro is available since the release of Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets 3.0.0. 

The current page contains the list of features available in the native Chart macro supplied with Confluence and the Chart from Table macro bundled within the Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets app. Despite the similar objectives that both macros were created for, they have several differences that can be found in the table below.


Chart macro

(native Confluence macro)

Chart from Table macro

(app's macro)


Pie chart / 3D Pie chart(tick)(tick)
Donut / 3D Donut chart(error)(tick)
Bubble Pie chart(error)(tick)
Bar chart(tick)(tick)
Column chart(tick)(tick)
xyLine / xyArea chart(tick)(tick)In the Chart from Table macro this chart is called Line chart.
xyStep / xyStepArea(tick)(tick)
Time Series(tick)(tick)In the Chart from table macro you can use Time Line and Time Area charts.
Radar (Spider)(error)(tick)
Stacked Charts(tick)(tick)
Configuration Management in Page Edit Mode(tick)(tick)
Configuration Management in Page View Mode(error)(tick)

Settings of Chart macro can be configured only when editing Confluence pages.

The Chart from Table macro allows you to quickly switch the columns with data values, change the chart type and update the chart dimensions. Charts are updated automatically once you change the configuration. You can also directly save the updated or modified configuration of the Chart from Table macro while viewing the page.

Selection of what data sets to show on the charts(tick)(tick)You can easily select what columns with data to show on each chart generated by the Chart from Table macro.
Ability to generate the chart on the basis of filtered data(error)(tick)The Chart from Table macro allows you to generate charts on the basis of filtered table results produced by the Table Filter macro.
Dynamic update of charts upon remote data refresh(error)(tick)

Charts generated by the Chart from Table macro are updated dynamically upon remote data refresh. The macro is compatible with the following macros:

  • Table Filter macro
  • Pivot Table macro
  • Table Transformer macro
  • JIRA Issues macro
  • Page Properties Report macro
  • Task Report macro and more
Support for data tables generated by other macros(tick)(tick)

You can use the following macros and apps that output table data in HTML format:

Options to configure look of charts(tick)(tick)

The Chart from Table macro allows you to configure the chart alignment on the page, add the chart title, labels for both axes, define the minimal and maximal values for axes and specify the scale steps.

The Chart macro allows you to add the chart title and subtitle, set the opacity, and specify the appropriate background, border and chart colors. Optionally you can also set the appropriate chart orientation and enable 3D look of charts.

Display of data labels over charts(tick)(tick)The Chart form Table macro allows you to view data labels when hovering over the chart, the Chart macro shows data labels only for some charts.
Saving chart as attachment(tick)(tick)The Chart from Table macro allows you to save the chart as an image. The Chart macro allows you to automatically save the chart image as attachment with a capability to overwrite or keep as a new revision.
PricingFreePaidThe Chart from Table macro is also bundled with the Table FilterPivot Table, and Table Transformer macros.