1. What can I do if I can't find and add the macros?

Make sure the Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence is installed in your Confluence instance. The app is not built-in. Install Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence from the Atlassian Marketplace.

2. How do I install this app?

You can install it with the help of Universal Plugin Manager or manually.

3. How can I remove the macro accidentally added to a table?

Read this article to learn how to remove the macro from the table.You can also disable inline macro insertion on the global or on the individual levels to prevent adding the macros accidentally.

4. Is the app compatible with the Jira Issues macro?

Yes, the app is compatible with the built-in Confluence macros and the third-party apps, that output the table data, including the Jira Issues macro. Look at the example here.

5. Can I use the app for a table with merged cells?

Yes, you can.

6. Can I filter an already existing table?

Yes. Copy and paste the table inside the Table Filter macro body in the page edit mode. Or use one of these options.

7. Can I use the macros with tables generated by another macro?

Yes. If you experience any problems with that, let us knowRead this article for details.

8. How can I export an unfiltered table to PDF/Word?

  1. Click the Disable all filters icon. For details, see the how to disable filters section.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Export to PDF or Export to Word.

9. Can I filter only empty values in the table?

Yes, you can. In the filter box for the appropriate column, select '-Empty-'. The app will output only the empty cells.

10. How can I filter not equal values in the table?

You can use the reversed filtration option to filter not equal values.

11. How can I freeze rows and/or columns of the table?

You can use the Freeze first N rows or columns options.

12. How can I sort the table in the edit page mode?

You need to wrap the table with Table Filter, hover over the table header, press CRTL on the keyboard, and click it.

13. What are the supported date formats?

You can specify the date format as a string value. Read this article for details.

14. Why do macros process my worklog values incorrectly?

You may encounter problems with the processing of worklog values when you are using languages different from English. You need to configure the worklog settings and set the appropriate shortenings for time units.

15. Why do the macros process the tables generated by the Jira Issues / Page Properties Report / Task Report macros partially?

The Table Filter, Pivot Table, Chart from Table, Table Transformer macros work only with the rows currently displayed on a page. They can't influence or make changes (such as collecting not displayed data) to the built-in (Jira Issues, Task Report, Page Properties Report) and third-party macros.

To filter more values within one page you need to increase the number of rows per page to display.

16. How can I insert macros with the body (Table Filter, Pivot Table, Table Transformer, Chart from Table) into each other in Confluence Cloud?

You can combine them with the help of the Table Toolbox macro(switch the page version to Cloud to open the link) in Confluence Cloud.

17. Why does "Error: Column does not exist:" appear in Table Transformer using several Table Excerpt Include macros in it?

The reason for this error is usually in the incorrect order of Table Excerpts on the page as Table Excerpt Include macros work as references to them.
And the number of the included tables (T1, T2, etc.) is an ordinal number of your tables within a page in the page view mode.

To resolve the issue, please rearrange Table Excerpts on the page or change the order of Table Excerpt Include macros within the Table Transformer macro and rewrite SQL query accordingly.

18. What should I do if I face the error message "Oops, it seems that you need to place a table or a macro generating a table within the Table Filter/Pivot Table/Chart from Table/Table Transformer macro"?

Firstly, it means that the root of the issue most likely comes from your source table. If it's generated by the Jira Issue macro, Page Properties Report, or other third-party macros, it's recommended to remove the macro from our macros and place it separately on the page to ensure the table is generated incorrectly.

Next, you need to investigate the issue with your source table macro via Atlassian or consider consulting another vendor whose macro generates the source data.

19. How can I find pages where the app macros are used?

You can find the number of pages with the app macros and pages themselves in the Macro Usage section of the Confluence Administration console. Go to  >  General Configuration  >  Macro Usage.

20. Why can a user see restricted data on the page using the Confluence Server mobile app or the Confluence mobile site?

After changing page permissions for a user, viewing the restricted data is still possible until this user or another with the same restrictions revisit the page.

The reason for this is that the user has already viewed or exported restricted data on the page earlier.

21. What happens with tables wrapped in the macros after the purchased license expiration?

Cloud/Data Center versions:

After the end of the paid subscription, the macros bundled in the Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence app become unavailable.

However, your table data is not missed. You need to copy-paste tables outside the macro bodies and then remove the macros.

Server version:

When a commercial license is expired, you can continue using the app. Your table data is also not missed.

But there is no ability to update the app to the latest versions.

22. How to migrate the app to Confluence Cloud?

Please refer to this page: Migration from Server (Data Center) to Cloud - and also bear in mind multiple minor differences in functionality between Server (Data Center) and Cloud versions of the app.

23. Can I buy the app for a limited number of users in Confluence?

Following Atlassian's policy, all Marketplace apps must match (or exceed) the parent product's tier, i.e., you need to purchase the app for the same number of users or more than you have in Confluence.

24. Are there any discounts for Atlassian Solution Partners?

Yes, Atlassian Solution Partners can get the following benefits:

25. Do Table from CSV or Table from JSON macros support Sharepoint authentication?

Table from CSV or Table from JSON do not support the Sharepoint authentication - it is not possible to add the latter due to the implementation specifics.

26. How can I get help?

Please send us your Confluence, plugin and browser versions, the page storage formatthe browser console log file . Screenshots also would help to understand the problem.