The Spreadsheet from Table macro allows transferring your regular table or table outputting macro's content into Table Spreadsheet environment with all its corresponding tools and features.

Spreadsheet from Table will create a separate sheet for each source table/table outputting macro within its body.

NOTE: The content of Spreadsheet from Table is dynamic , thus will change in its corresponding cell range every time the source table/-s are updated.

Copy&paste the source cell range elsewhere in the current sheet or copy an entire sheet to create a static replica of your source table in the Spreadsheet from Table macro.

Spreadsheet from Table source

Spreadsheet from Table output

How to enable the Spreadsheet from Table Macro 

Spreadsheet from Table is  OFF by default.

The app should be updated to further enable the macro by the instance Admin via the Confluence Administration.

Spreadsheet from Table functionality feature

As the Spreadsheet from Table macro stores table data in a spreadsheet as a snapshot upon saving, such data will become available for all users with page view permissions, even if the source data are derived from the limited access sources or macros as Jira issues, Page Properties Report, external databases, etc.

By enabling Spreadsheet from Table you comply with the aforedescribed functionality feature.

As a Confluence admin:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Apps section of the given instance.

  2. Locate the Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets add-on.

  3. Unfold the modules dropdown list to the right.
  4. Find the Spreadsheet from Table module and enable it.

Adding the Spreadsheet from Table Macro to a Page

There are two options available:

  1. Start entering {Spreadsheet from Table and select the macro, OR

  2. On the editor pane, click Insert more content -> Other macros , find the macro and insert it on the page

Once the Spreadsheet from Table macro is added to a page for the first time a user receives a special notification to comply with the macro functionality feature implying the source data stored as a snapshot within.

Using the Spreadsheet from Table Macro

Spreadsheet from Table macro retains the entire toolset of the Table Spreadsheet macro adding up a few additional features.

Show/Hide the source table

  1. Navigate to File->Settings.
  2. Locate the  Source data option and select the appropriate option, as follows:
    • Show all content
    • Hide tables
    • Hide all content
  3. Save the macro and the page.