The Table Spreadsheet Include macro allows you to use cell ranges from Table Spreadsheet as excerpts in other Confluence pages.

Changing the source Table Spreadsheet will dynamically change corresponding excerpts on other pages.

NOTE: The content of Table Spreadsheet Include is not available for editing, only the source Table Spreadsheet can be edited.

Source Table Spreadsheet

Table Spreadsheet Include (an excerpt from the Table Spreadsheet on the left)

Adding the Table Spreadsheet Include Macro to a Page

Two options are possible:

  1. Start entering {Table Spreadsheet} and select the macro, OR

  2. On the editor pane, click Insert more content -> Other macros, find the macro and insert it on the page

Using the Table Spreadsheet Include Macro

  1. Specify the name of the page where Table Spreadsheet is located.
  2. Select the specific spreadsheet attachment (if there is only one on the page, it is selected automatically).
  3. Select the specific sheet in your spreadsheet to make an excerpt from (if there is only one sheet, it is selected automatically).
  4. Specify the range in the sheet to make an excerpt of it (you can also select the range in the spreadsheet displayed in the right section of the Table Spreadsheet macro browser).