Top Committers Report allows you to see the dynamics of commit activity of a contributor over a specified time period and analyze how contributions of different developers vary.

Below on the page, you'll find:

  • instructions on how to generate the Top Committers Report.
  • a detailed description of all elements.

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How to generate the Top Committers Report

To generate the Top Committers Report:

  1. Navigate to the workspace or repository of your choice.
  2. Click on the Reports icon in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select Top Committers Report.

Report Configuration

  1. Set the period for your report.
  2. Choose one of the sorting options:
    • Activity
    • Name
  3. Select Bitbucket users for the report or leave the Authors field empty to include all committers.
  4. Click Next.

Analyze the dynamics of contributions

Top Committers Report shows a bubble chart with commit statistics of selected contributors presented in a summarized way. A circle can represent a day, a week, a month, a quarter, or a year depending on the length of a chosen time span.

The bigger a circle is the more commits were made. By taking a look at circles associated with a particular developer you can easily see the dynamics of their commit activity. And if you compare circles of several people you can analyze the contributions each of them made.

Below the graph, there's an Activity stream with commit details.

When you hover over a circle, a contributor name, or a time period (above or below the graph), you can see the number of commits associated with that circle, person, or time period. And when you click a circle, a contributor name, or a time period, the Activity stream gets updated and displays the details of those commits.