This page provides hardware considerations when using Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server and Data Center.

Memory and JVM heap size

When it comes to large instances it is usually recommended for each node to have at least 12-16GB of RAM and JVM heap size (Xmx parameter) set at least 2 GB (or even better to 4 GB) so that there was enough RAM for both JVM and Git processes and you had no issues when performing git clone of large repositories.


On large Bitbucket Server / Data Center instances, Awesome Graphs can load one core completely when indexing data. We recommend installing it on a server with at least a dual-core CPU for better performance.

Database size growth

The amount of space Awesome Graphs tables and their indexes consume in the database depends on the number of commits and pull requests in all repositories. To help you estimate the growth of your database size we ran an experiment using the MySQL database. Having analyzed its results we created formulas you can use to get a rough estimation. You can find these formulas below, in the Experiment section. 


The experiment we ran showed how the size of Awesome Graphs tables and their index grow as a Bitbucket Server / Data Center instance gets bigger. Based on the data we received during the experiment, we got coefficients and formulas for calculating the estimated sizes of Awesome Graphs' largest tables. 

To estimate the growth of your database size upon the completion of Awesome Graphs indexingyou need to calculate estimated sizes of Commits and Contributors tables using the formulas below and sum them up. 

The results you get when using these formulas are in bytes.

  • Total size of Commits table = 403 * C, where C is the total number of commits in all repositories. 
  • Total size of Contributors table = 270 * K, where K is the total number of contributors (developers who made commits).

To find out how many commits and contributors are in the index, go to Bitbucket Administration → Troubleshooting and support tools → System Information → Awesome Graphs. Learn more on this page.

Below is an example for your reference.

Awesome Graphs demo site

Details about our demo site of Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket:

  • 124 projects
  • 5 317 repositories
  • 14 557 208 commits
  • 161 997 contributors

Sizes of the Awesome Graphs largest database tables (Postgres) on our demo site:

Total Size8.48G0.026G
Table Size2.47G0.012G
Index Size6.01G0.014G