In Jira Settings, you can edit the names of the previously created labels and delete the labels if you don't need them anymore.

View Smart Attachments labels

  1. Navigate to Jira administration > Apps.
  2. Locate the Smart Attachments section.
  3. Click Label management.
  4. On the opened page, you can see the list of Smart Attachments labels registered in your Jira Cloud instance.
  5. Perform the desired action/actions from the options below.

Edit Smart Attachments labels

Edit the label name

  1. Hover over the label name and click it.
  2. Update the name.
  3. Click the Confirm icon to save the updated name.

Pick a new color for labels

  1. Click the color picker.
  2. Select a new color.

Delete a label

You can delete the no longer needed labels. The label is deleted for the entire Jira Cloud instance.

  1. Locate the label you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Confirm the removal of the label.

Create new labels

By default, only Jira administrators and users with the Trusted User Role (as this role grants the user access to Jira Admin features) can create new labels to tag attachments with them. 

Labels are created from the Jira issue view directly. You don't need to navigate to the Label management section for label creation. See the details here.

You can allow the label creation for particular users if needed. 

Allow the label creation for users

  1. Create the label-creators group in your Jira instance.
  2. Add the users that will have the ability to create labels to this group.
  3. After that, Jira administrators and users from the label-creators group will have an access to label creation.