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Who receives notifications

The author of the request receives the confirmation notification from Customer Case after request submission.

Customer Case sends email notifications to the support agent or to the user only when he or she watches the request. For the details on these emails, see the Email Notifications page.

The person who comments the request becomes the watcher automatically. The person who votes on the request does not become a watcher of the request.

Configuring JIRA notifications for internal use

For all internal events (such as a submission of a new request, a new comment, and so on) you need to correctly configure the email notification scheme of Atlassian JIRA. It allows you to configure email notifications about the key events. Such notifications will be sent to support agents of your company.

Customer Case mailboxes

By default, all the notifications from Customer Case are sent from the default address

If the forum has a mailbox operating in the From address override mode, so all notifications from this forum will be sent from the address specified in the settings of this mailbox. All the notifications will contain the branded email address in the From field.

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