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For each forum you can activate the feedback widget which you can publish on your web resources for collecting feedback from your customers and users of your product.

The widget is comprised of two modules, as follows:

Vote on Ideas

This module allows you to show ideas from your feedback forum which customers can anonymously vote on through thew widget. This way you can collect information about popularity of ideas inline on your web resources or within your web applications.

(warning) The voting module is not available for support forum.

Free feedbackThis module allows you to collect feedback in free form, both ideas and support requests. Such feedback will be added as a new request of the selected issue type.

Activating the widget

  1. On the navigational sidebar, select Forums.
  2. On the list with forums, locate the forum which you want to create a widget for.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Forum form, switch to the Widget section.
  5. Specify information about the widget, as follows:
Widget name

Enter the widget name.This name will be placed in the widget header.

Enter the text for the button opening the feedback widget. By default, the icon is displayed.

Activate widgetMove the toggle right to activate the widget.
Instructional textEnter the instructional text that will encourage users to vote on features displayed in the widget.
Issue label

Specify the label assigned to issues which you want users to vote on.

You may need to assign this label to all the issues the public interest in which you want to measure with the widget.

The widget looks up only for issues within the project which the forum attributes to. Issues with same label, but from other Jira projects will not be displayed in the widget.

Allow free feedbackMove the toggle right to allow submission of feedback in the free form.

Select the issue type which will be used for handling all the incoming feedback in free form from the widget.

If you do not select any value, the widget will use the default issue type for feedback submission that was specified for the forum.

Instructional textEnter the label of the button that will open the section for submitting feedback in free form.

Thank You message

Enter the Thank You message which will be displayed to the user after submission of feedback.

When complete, click Save.

Customer Case will generate code of the script for embedding the widget on your website. Copy this code and embed it into the code of your website.

The widget code looks as follows:

<script data-cc-embedded data-key="d3908262-390f-49db-a404-10dfb5b177a0" data-base-url="" src=""> </script>

Embedding the widget

Embedding of widget into the website or any other web resource includes the adding of the script into the page template. By default, the embedded widget appears in the bottom right part of the screen.

The widget script is initialized within the iFrame, which does not impact the loading of the page content anyhow.

Opening the widget without button

In situations, when you want to initiate the widget opening without clicking the dedicated button, you can open the widget through API.

You can register a callback function which will be called after the widget loading. You need to add the data attribute data-on-ready with the name of the JavaScript function into the generated script tag.  The function should be placed on the parent page before the widget script. The function will be called one time after the loading and initialization of the widget. The toggle function (which toggles the widget states - opens it if closed, or closed it, if opened) will be passed to the callback function as a parameter.

In the current example, the onWidgetReady function is defined on the page before the code of the widget. The function name is specified in the data attribute of the script used for loading a widget (data-on-ready="onWidgetReady"). After initialization of the widget, the onWidgetReady function will be called, which will lead to the opening of the widget and its closing after 10 seconds.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My page with Customer Case Widget</h1>
    function onWidgetReady(invertState) {
        setTimeout(invertState, 10000);

<script data-cc-embedded data-key="ee8f9393-42da-41d1-93ad-205d44e5181e" 
src=""> </script>

Filling out the user's email automatically

The widget allows you to automatically pre-populate the user's email before feedback submission so you can contact this person to clarify details if needed.

To fill out the user' email, you need to define its value within the data attribute data-user-email in the widget script, as follows:

<script data-cc-embedded data-key="ee8f9393-42da-41d1-93ad-205d44e5181e" 
data-user-email="" src=""> </script>
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