This page provides you with the information about public releases of Customer Case in 2015. Here you can find out what new features were added and what bugs were fixed.

Customer Case - 12/19/2016

Added display of the Related Ideas block when posting ideas

Customer Case - 12/12/2016

Request filtration by multiple statuses and other improvements

Customer Case - 10/4/2016

Automatic assignment of the author's vote to ideas submitted by the author himself

Customer Case - 9/30/2016

Added the image preview screen

Customer Case - 9/15/2016

Support for email requests on feedback forums and other improvements

Customer Case - 8/12/2016

Resolved the issue with opening ideas having invalid characters in summary

Customer Case - 8/11/2016

Resolved the issue with showing an error when clicking names of idea authors

Customer Case - 8/10/2016

Improved functionality for preserving user sessions in Customer Case

Customer Case - 7/20/2016

Improvements in file attaching experience

Customer Case - 7/7/2016

Improved work of the visual text editor and restored the Assigned to me filter

Customer Case - 7/5/2016

Added support for idea/ticket migration between forums (JIRA projects)

Customer Case - 7/1/2016

Improved behavior of the Customer Case tab after long inactivitiy period

Customer Case - 6/23/2016

Added a capability to pin comments to top as official answers

Customer Case - 6/11/2016

Updated display of the list of forums in the forum switcher

Customer Case - 6/10/2016

Resolved the issue with missing forum names when editing mailboxes

Customer Case - 4/19/2016

Resolved the issue with handling webhooks about updates in JIRA issues

Customer Case - 4/15/2016

Updated design and added output of categories into UI

Customer Case - 3/15/2016

Increased the speed of loading forum pages and related JIRA interfaces

Customer Case - 3/9/2016

Resolved the issue with opening administration section in Safari.

Customer Case - 2/24/2016

Improvements in email notifications and user authentication

Customer Case - 2/9/2016

Allowed agents to view ideas submitted on private forums in user profiles

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