Customer Case allows you to view the number of submitted ideas and tickets in the user profile. Additionally, you can see the ideas you are watching or voted,and  you can also see the comments you left for ideas and tickets.

Viewing Your Activity

Activity is a set of user actions that include adding ideas, leaving votes and commenting ideas and feature requests of other users.

  1. In the top right part of the page, locate the Profile block and click it.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. On the opened page you can view:
  • ideas or tickets that you submitted
  • votes that you left for ideas
  • comments that you posted for some ideas
  • ideas that you are watching

Viewing Activity of Other Users

  1. While viewing the list of ideas submitted by users, you can click the name of the user who submitted the idea or feature request.
  2. You can browse the list of ideas, votes and comments added by other users.
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