What is Customer Case

Customer Case is a cloud-based service communicating and interacting with Jira Cloud instances. This service transforms Jira Cloud into the full-fledged customer feedback and helpdesk platform. So you as a customer can submit your feedback in the form of ideas, feature requests and issue reports.

Customer Case allows the vendor to get a customer portal that can be comprised of multiple forums. Forums can be of two types:

  • Feedback forums - forums used for collecting ideas and feature requests from customers. This forum type is public so everyone can view, vote and comment ideas and feature requests submitted by all users.
  • Support forums - forums used for processing tickets and issue reports. This forum type is private so the user can view and track only his/her own tickets and issue reports without a capability to view tickets of other users.

The way of submitting and updating the submitted feedback on both forum types is quite similar.

See the next pages for details on how to work in Customer Case: