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TeamCity Integration for JIRA Cloud add-on allows you to view the required build information in JIRA Cloud at once.

The add-on uses information in VCS comments to commits for fetching build information for the related JIRA tasks. The add-on displays various build information, such as TeamCity project, build configuration, build number, the list of changes in the commit, duration of build completion and status of tests. This information is available for individual issues, projects and their versions.

This page outlines the basics to start work with TeamCity Integration for JIRA Cloud add-on. 

For any questions related to functionality of the add-on, see FAQ.

Step 1. Installation and Configuration 

Prepare TeamCity and JIRA before using the plugin:

  1. Configure integration between JIRA and TeamCity and grant appropriate roles to a TeamCity user.
  2. Subscribe to TeamCity Integration add-on in UPM.
  3. Create the connection to TeamCity server (navigate to JIRA Administration > Application > TeamCity Configuration > TeamCity Servers).

Step 2. Using in JIRA Cloud

  1. Wait for completion of initial data indexation.
  2. View TeamCity build data for projects and individual issues.
  3. Quickly transition to TeamCity for viewing build details there.

Step 3. Share Your Feedback

Have a question? Want to report a bug or request a feature? Contact us!


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