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Fixed compatibility with Bitbucket Server 4.0.

New in this release:

  • Given the limitations of Active Objects that is used in Bitbucket Server 4.0, starting from Awesome Graphs 3.0.1, one of columns of the GRAPHS_COMMITS table is stored in the database with no symbol limit. It's the PARENT_HASH_IDS column. Before, there was the limit of 750 symbols and only up to 18 commit ancestors were stored. If there were more than 18, the data about the rest of the ancestors was lost. Now all commit ancestors are being saved no matter the amount.
    As a result of these changes, when you update Awesome Graphs from an earlier version to the version 3.0.1 or above, migration of the PARENT_HASH_IDS column will be performed (only once). It will increase the load on the database and all Awesome Graphs pages will be unavailable during the migration. Meanwhile, Bitbucket Server stays responsive and you can continue working in Bitbucket Server and Git.
    Our testing showed that the migration speed is about 46 000 commits per minute. This information can be helpful for you to estimate the duration of migration on your instance. 

Fixed in this release:

  • The date picker issue in the Created vs Merged Pull Requests report that caused inability to set the period of the report.
  • Clicking a JIRA issue in Activity Stream in the Activity tab and the Contributions tab in user profile led to redirecting to the corresponding issue page in JIRA. Now it is being opened in a dialogue window.
  • The Graphs navigation menu option was not being highlighted when selected on the sidebar.
  • The style of the progress bar in Pull Requests reports was fixed to look in compliance with AUI.
  • Fixed the formatting of the messages that are shown in the activity stream when there are conflicts in commits.
  • The 'Show files' toggle button was not being displayed when a time span was selected for Contributor Calendar in the Contributions tab in user profile.
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