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This feature is available only in Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server.

Awesome Graphs adds the People dropdown menu in the Bitbucket Server header, which includes:

  • the list of Bitbucket Server users whose Contributions graphs were recently viewed;
  • the 'All users' link, which leads to the People page with a list of contributors across all repositories

Recently Viewed

The Recently Viewed category of the People dropdown menu comprises the list of Bitbucket Server users whose Contributions graphs were recently viewed in their Bitbucket Server user profiles. As you click one of the names on that list, the Contributions tab of that Bitbucket Server user profile is opened. And you can see that user's Contributor Calendar and Contribution Activity Stream.

People page

When you click All users in the People dropdown menu, the People page is opened. There you can see who made commits or created pull requests in the past month. This page shows stats across all repositories and projects, which gives you a global view of developer activity. Each developer card has a graph and stats (number of commits and/or pull requests). Developer cards are sorted by the number of contributions made within a selected time span. It can help you understand who's been most active.

Contributor graphs include:

  • personal contributor graph representing individual contributions filtered according to a selected time span and activity type;
  • total of commits;
  • total of pull requests.

On the top bar, there are two sections with options for filtering contributors: Time Span and Activity Type.

When you select one of the time span options, the list of contributors is updated and shows only contributors with contributions made during a chosen time span sorted by the number of contributions. Time span options include:

  • last 24 hours
  • last 3 days
  • last week
  • last month
  • custom

By default, the list of contributors is rendered based on contributions made in the last month.

When you select one of the activity types, all contributions are filtered and Contributor graphs are rendered based only on the number of contributions of that activity type. The Activity Type section includes the following options:

  • Commits
  • Pull requests

By default, the list of contributors is created based on commits.

If 'Pull requests' is selected, the Contributor graph displays only pull requests.

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