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This feature is available only in File Viewer for Bitbucket Cloud. If you'd like to have it in the Server, let us know.

You can visualize and interact with with 2D and 3D design data directly in Bitbucket.

Supported file formats: neu, stla, stl, jt, skp, prt, sldasm, step, model, stp, ste, iges, catproduct, igs, sldprt, cgr, 3dm, sab, wire, ige, x_b, g, asm, dlv3, x_t, session, xas, xpr, catpart, stlb, sat, fbx, smb, smt.

To view file as a 2D/3D model:

  1. Navigate to the Source section on the left-hand sidebar in your repository
  2. Locate a file you would like to view
  3. Select the 'View in Autodesk Viewer' option in the 'Default File Viewer' menu

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