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This page provides you with the information about public releases of File Viewer for Bitbucket. Here you can learn what new features were added and what bugs were fixed. 

File Viewer 1.4.4

Updated dependencies in the app

File Viewer 1.4.3

Compatibility with Bitbucket 8.0

File Viewer 1.4.2

Fixed a minor issue with the scroll bars in the Jupyter notebook viewer.

File Viewer 1.4.1

Fixed issue with blurry PDF files.

File Viewer 1.4.0

Data Center compatibility.

File Viewer 1.3.0

Capability to view Jupiter Notebooks with the *.ipynb extension.

File Viewer 1.2.0

Compatibility with Bitbucket 6.0+

File Viewer 1.1.1

Fixed the issue with opening large STL files in 3D Viewer.

File Viewer 1.1.0

Content with large width was sometimes displayed partially.

File Viewer 1.0.0

View 2D and 3D models, geodata structures, PDF and CSV files right in Bitbucket.

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