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1. I connected to Evernote, can other Confluence users access my Evernote account?

No, they can't. Once you allow Confluence to access Evernote, only your Confluence account gets connected to your Evernote account, therefore other Confluence users can't access your Evernote account.

2. I try to authorize Confluence in Evernote, but something goes wrong. What is happening?

First, make sure you're using the Evernote Integration add-on version 1.5.2 or newer. If this is the case, please, turn on logging for com.stiltsoft.confluence.evernote in Administration - Logging and Profiling. Once logging is turned on, try to authenticate and send us the logs.

3. What happens when I click Disconnect?

Your Confluence account can no longer access your Evernote account and you can log in as a different (or the same) user.

4. Is my Evernote identification data securely stored?

Yes. Your Evernote identification data is securely stored because it is being encrypted.

5. I see an error message when I try to import a note. What can be wrong?

If while importing a note you see an error message suggesting changing timeout, it means your note failed to be imported within the timeout set for connecting to the Evernote server.

To change the default (180 seconds) timeout, you need to go to Confluence Administration > Custom HTML and insert the JavaScript code in the "At end of the HEAD" textbox. To change timeout to 360 seconds use the following code:

<meta name='evernote-load-timeout-ms' content='360000'> 

Change the value (360000) in the code based on your needs. Timeout is set in milliseconds.

6. How are the Evernote notes ordered in the notes browser?

You can sort notes by date created, date updated and title. By default, the notes are ordered by their creation date, from newest to oldest. To change the notes order, click  in the top right corner and choose another sorting option.

7. Can I export a Confluence page to Evernote?

No. You can only import notes from Evernote to Confluence. Please, vote for this feature if you need it.

8. Our company uses a proxy server. Will the add-on work?

The Confluence server requests notes from Evernote, if the server is behind a proxy and is not set up to work with it, notes won't be received. Set up the proxy to solve this problem (the proxy should allow HTTPS requests). Also, see this thread.

9. I inserted a copy of my Evernote note that had attachments, but didn't save it. However, all the note's attachments are still here. Is it a bug?

No, it's not a bug. If your Evernote note contains attachments, the add-on attaches them to the Confluence page. Please, note that when editing pages with attachments, the add-on behaves the same way as Confluence does.

10. How can I navigate across my Evernote notes?

You can do that in the Import from Evernote window with the help of the scroll bar or arrow keys on your keyboard.

11. How do I search my Evernote notes?

In the Import from Evernote window, you can scroll through the list of notes. As well, Evernote Integration supports the search syntax provided by Evernote. You can navigate to the search box and use Evernote Search Grammar. Besides that, you can use filtering and sorting options. It's possible to filter notes by notebook. If you're using Evernote Business account, you can search through your personal and business notes separately. Sorting options include ordering notes by date created, date updated and title.

12. I copied a note to Confluence and then changed it in Evernote. Why hasn't the note in Confluence changed?

The add-on doesn't synchronize your notes between Confluence and Evernote. The note you copied to Confluence is an independent instance of your Evernote note.

13. Can I convert Evernote tasks to Confluence tasks?

Yes, it's possible.

14. Is the add-on available for Atlassian Cloud?

No. Please, vote for this feature, if you need it.

15. Does the add-on support Evernote Business accounts?

Yes, it does.

16. How can I find out who's using the integration in our Confluece?

Go to Confluence administration and navigate to the 'Evernote Integration Users' page. This page shows the list of Confluence users who connected to Evernote using the integration and authorized Confluence to access their Evernote account. Users who disconnected from Evernote are not on the list.


17. Does the add-on support the Evernote Chinese service (Yinxiang Biji)?


Yes, it does.

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