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This Privacy Policy describes the ways StiltSoft, an Atlassian Verified vendor, (“we”, “us”)  collects, stores, uses and manages any information you provide to us or we collect in connection with your use of the Evernote Integration for Confluence add-on (“Add-On”).

BY CLICKING THE “CONNECT” BUTTON OR INSTALLING THE ADD-ON YOU AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY and the processing of your Personal Data in the manner stated in this Policy.

How Our Add-On Works

To use the Add-On you need to authorize us to access your Evernote account. You are prompted to do that when creating a new page in Confluence using the 'Evernote' template or when selecting 'Evernote' from the 'Insert' menu in the Confluence editor.

The Add-On uses a process called “OAuth” to obtain permission to access your Evernote account. The OAuth process allows you to authorize Evernote to give your instance of the Add-On a token which allows the Add-On to access your Evernote account without disclosing your Evernote username and password to us. When you authorize the Add-On to access your Evernote account you grant the Add-On the following permissions:

  • Create notes, notebooks and tags,

  • Update notes, notebooks and tags,

  • List notebooks and tags,

  • Retrieve notes.

From these permissions, we actually use only 'List notebooks and tags' and 'Retrieve notes'. The permissions to create and update notes, notebooks and tags are not used, but they are requested due to the system limitations that do not allow requesting the 'List notebooks and tags' and 'Retrieve notes' permissions separately.

Please, read more about these permissions on the Evernote’s Third Party App Permissions page.

You can disconnect the Add-On in the 'Import from Evernote' dialogue in Confluence. When disconnecting, the token provided by Evernote is deleted on the Confluence side, but the access you granted to the Add-On is not revoked by Evernote. To revoke access you need to go to the ‘Applications’ page in your Evernote account settings.

The Add-On is hosted on your systems. All your data related to your Evernote account is stored in Atlassian Confluence database.

Personal Data

We do not collect, record, organize, store, alter, use, disseminate or disclose the information that can be used to identify you as an individual (“Personal Data”).

The Add-On retrieves and transmits your Personal Data, as designated by you, from your Evernote account directly to your Atlassian Confluence instance. We do not view, collect or store any of your Personal Data. Atlassian stores your Personal Data integrated with your Evernote account.

Third Parties Collecting Your Information

This Policy does not cover the collection, processing, storage and/or use of your information, including your Personal Data, by Evernote, Atlassian (provider of Confluence) or any other third-party services.

We do not control when or how third parties collect, process, store or use your Information. Please, refer to privacy policies of third parties in order to learn and understand how and when they use your information.

The Evernote Privacy Policy can be found here:   

The Atlassian Privacy Policy can be found here:

The Atlassian Data Collection Policy can be found here:

Why We Process Personal Data

The Add-On retrieves and transmits your Personal Data in order to deliver to you the functionality of the Add-On.

We do not retain your Personal Data.

Your Consent

At instance when you accept this Policy you expressly consent to our retrieval and transmission of your Personal Data from your Evernote account directly to your Atlassian Confluence account.

Security of Information

We will take commercially reasonable precautions to protect your Personal Data during their processing by the Add-On according to this Policy from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

We process all information using industry-standard techniques.

Please note, that you or/and Atlassian, not we, are responsible for safeguarding your Personal Data transmitted from your Evernote account directly to your Atlassian Confluence account as the result of your use of the Add-On.


We may modify or revise this Policy at any time. Please check the most current Policy.

Privacy Related Inquiries

If, for any reason, you are concerned with the way that we may be using your Personal Data, you have questions about the privacy aspects of the Add-On, please, contact us at

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